Focus on Yourself!!!

Some of us waste our time waiting for people
to live up to our expectations.

We are so concerned about what others are doing
that we don’t do anything ourselves.

Its not so important what others are up to;
compared to what you are doing.

Focus on what you do, your work; Not on others.


Online Pakistani Videos Website

Yesterday I got marketing email from Today I visited the website and found it interesting. There is collection of pakistani videos and it seems that they are regularly updating the latest important videos about Pakistan. It has simple interface and currently has more than 8k videos. You can watch as well as upload your own videos.

I really like the website  and thought to share it here on my blog.

Visit – Pakistan’s Premier Online Video Sharing Website

Connect IT – 2009

I was so busy in my office work so didn’t get chance to write about Connect IT – 2009 Event held at Expo  from 05-07, 2009.

It was indeed good experience of meeting new companies representatives and also some of the old fellows.

The event was not as big as the ITCN Asia Exhibition. The Exhibitors as well as visitors’s list were really short. Only Two Halls were occupied by the exhibitors. One good thing I observed was the professional environment unlike the last ITCN ASIA where some companies from Telecom Sector were having really noisy activities.

I also got very good printed directory of all exhibitors from the reception that was really impressive work from the event management company. That would also help me to share my company profile with the exhibitors and make partnerships with them.

Overall I enjoyed networking at the event and got some very valuable contacts from the event. I am planning to meet them soon.

Will soon share few pictures of the event on my blog as the pictures are yet to be tranfered from my cam to the PC.

BPO Conference 2009

I attended one-day BPO conference arranged by PSEB and PASHA held on Thursday, 7th May, 2009 at the Institute of Bankers Pakistan, Karachi.

My main attraction to attend this conference was to

  • look at the new business opportunities
  • listen the experienced panel discussion specially their experience of outsourcing their processes
  • get the answers of few questions e.g. why financial sector and big companies prefer to outsource their processes to international vendors rather than local ones and what problems they are facing with local market vendors.
  • learn the experience of execution of conference event (specially how sponsors can benefit from such conferences)
  • to meet senior level management and make new contacts

More or less I achieved all my objectives to attend this conference. The best part was to listen the panel from banking industry. Ms. Jehan Ara, Mr. Talib Baloch and Ms. Rabia Garib did very good job to manage and execute this event. Especially I liked the Rabia as Moderator, she tried her best to cut the unnecessary discussions to save the time of audience. Facility at IBP was also very good and IBP staff was really supportive.  Lastly I liked the presentation style of Mr. Ted Marra, CTO, Cybrid. He got the last slot of the event, when everyone was feeling so hungry and wanted to go back to office or home, but he succeeded to spread energy to the audience by his presentation skills.

Microsoft’s Calculator failed? try

Microsoft’s Calculator failed in following calculation.

Go to Start–>Run–>type Calc and Check the following… .

2704/50 =  54.08                      Works Fine
2704/51 =  53.01960784          Works Fine
2704/52 =  Try yourself                        Doesn’t Work
2704/53 =  51.01886792          Works Fine
2704/54 =  50.07407407          Works Fine

Microsoft Calculator Failed

Success Is Waiting To Happen

When we see someone successful,
we say that he just got lucky.
‘He must have been at the right place at the right time.’
People only see one side of the picture.
People don’t see the failures.

If you study history, you will find that –
All stories of success are also stories of great failures.
So if you are failing;
Remember, success is waiting to happen.

Be Nice and Smile

Be nice and smile to everyone you meet. 
You don’t know what they are going through, and they might just need that smile.
Atleast for a moment, it would make a lot of difference to them.

Life gives us many such moments to make others feel better.
For tomorrow when you feel low, someone might smile and you may feel better