BPO Conference 2009

I attended one-day BPO conference arranged by PSEB and PASHA held on Thursday, 7th May, 2009 at the Institute of Bankers Pakistan, Karachi.

My main attraction to attend this conference was to

  • look at the new business opportunities
  • listen the experienced panel discussion specially their experience of outsourcing their processes
  • get the answers of few questions e.g. why financial sector and big companies prefer to outsource their processes to international vendors rather than local ones and what problems they are facing with local market vendors.
  • learn the experience of execution of conference event (specially how sponsors can benefit from such conferences)
  • to meet senior level management and make new contacts

More or less I achieved all my objectives to attend this conference. The best part was to listen the panel from banking industry. Ms. Jehan Ara, Mr. Talib Baloch and Ms. Rabia Garib did very good job to manage and execute this event. Especially I liked the Rabia as Moderator, she tried her best to cut the unnecessary discussions to save the time of audience. Facility at IBP was also very good and IBP staff was really supportive.  Lastly I liked the presentation style of Mr. Ted Marra, CTO, Cybrid. He got the last slot of the event, when everyone was feeling so hungry and wanted to go back to office or home, but he succeeded to spread energy to the audience by his presentation skills.


4 thoughts on “BPO Conference 2009”

  1. AOA Tania,

    Nice to read your blog..

    I think you missed out one thing that Mr. Sajid Qadri was the last speaker at BPO Conference not Mr. Ted.

    Nice Post and Blog


    Zee Waqar

  2. Walakum Salam

    Thanks waqar for visiting as well as commenting on my blog.

    Acutally I think I was so tried at the end of conference That why I only remember Ted’s presentation LOL. But thanks for the correction.

    Keep Visiting.



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