I am going to attend COBIT 4.1 Foundation Course

Tomorrow I am going to attend COBIT 4.1 Foundation Course offered by Business Beam Pvt. Limited. My objective to attend this course is to learn importance of implementing COBIT practices at any organization and the benefit that any individual can get after getting its certification. It will definately help in my job to sell this course and its consultancy.

People from different organization especially  banking industry are coming to attend this course so there will be good chance of meeting new people.

Hope so the experience will be good inshaALLAH.


2 thoughts on “I am going to attend COBIT 4.1 Foundation Course”

  1. It has been about two months now since you attended the COBIT Foundation Course. I hope you found it useful. I believe very strongly in the value of COBIT especially since the authors work hard to harmonize it with other industry-accepted frameworks, methodologies and standards. Its greatest value in my estimation is the fact that it is an umbrella framework that helps us integrate the work we do in IT from end-to-end.

  2. Thank You Bob for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    Yes It was really wonderful experience to attend this course. Actually this course was organized by my own company and my objective to attend this course was to understand benefit of implementing COBIT framework in any organization. I am happy that I have achieved my objective.

    Keep visiting my blog.

    Thank you once again

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