Microsoft’s Calculator failed? try

Microsoft’s Calculator failed in following calculation.

Go to Start–>Run–>type Calc and Check the following… .

2704/50 =  54.08                      Works Fine
2704/51 =  53.01960784          Works Fine
2704/52 =  Try yourself                        Doesn’t Work
2704/53 =  51.01886792          Works Fine
2704/54 =  50.07407407          Works Fine

Microsoft Calculator Failed


Success Is Waiting To Happen

When we see someone successful,
we say that he just got lucky.
‘He must have been at the right place at the right time.’
People only see one side of the picture.
People don’t see the failures.

If you study history, you will find that –
All stories of success are also stories of great failures.
So if you are failing;
Remember, success is waiting to happen.

Be Nice and Smile

Be nice and smile to everyone you meet. 
You don’t know what they are going through, and they might just need that smile.
Atleast for a moment, it would make a lot of difference to them.

Life gives us many such moments to make others feel better.
For tomorrow when you feel low, someone might smile and you may feel better





Essay Writing Competition by PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is organizing an Essay Writing Competition and the topic is ” “Protecting Children in Cyber Space”
  • First prize Rs. 100,000/-
  • Second Prize Rs. 60,000/-
  • Third Prize Rs. 40,000/-

Where to Email your Articles?

Soft copies should be sent at before April 21, 2009..!

Sample Article

Essay Format should be like this Sample Document can also be found on PTA’s website


  • Essay shall be strictly limited to a minimum of 2000 and a maximum of 5000
  • words in accordance with sample document given above or available at PTA’s Webiste
  • Essay shall be sent in electronic format through email at :
  • Essay will be accepted only in editable MS Word Format.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and shall lead to disqualification.
  • References shall be notified as mentioned in the sample document mentioned above and placed at PTA website.
  • Last date for submission of essay is 21st April, 2009. No essay will be processed after the due date.
  • Note: The essay should be written by one author only. The name of the author should be mentioned on the document along with Contact no (Preferably mobile no.), email address and postal mail address.
  • Prize winner may be invited to attend the seminar arranged by PTA through special invitation.
  • For all correspondences send email at:   

Essay Competition PTA
Essay Competition PTA





Support for Compliance Certificate

According to Public Notice of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP),  50% support for some specific quality, environment and social certifications was previously available to exporters. To further encourage exporters to address concerns of foreign buyers, Government of Pakistan has extended this support on Certifications of ISO9000, OHSAS 18001 & BSCI.

Public Notice and Applications forms can be downloaded from TDAP’s Website:

How to say “NO” in Better Way

Today I got an intresting email from one of my very good friend today, thought to share it on my blog.

How to say “NO” in Better Way

Has this ever happened to you? Your boss asks if you can spend all night at a dinner meeting even though you have to go to your best friend’s birthday party.

There are always times we have to say no. But how do we do it without being rude or insulting? Here are some English phrases that might help you to say no without hurting the feelings of the person who wants you to do something.

I can’t right now, but maybe later. This mean perhaps in the future.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a few things come up. This means something unexpected has happened.

I’m trying to focus on finishing off some other things. This is another way of saying you have some unfinished business.

I’m sorry I can’t. This simply says it’s impossible for you.

I can’t at that time, but I’m happy to help you with something else later. This is very polite. You say no but offer you help for other things.

Sorry but that isn’t my strong suit. This is another way of saying you won’t be good at that.

I’m sure you will do fine on your own. This is a polite way of telling someone to do it themselves.

I’m afraid I’m committed to something else. Say this if you have other plans.

I really don’t enjoy that kind of activity. Or, I don’t like to do that.

I’m sorry, but I have an emergency to attend to. This says you have something urgent you must do.